In the month of June 2008, the Japanese fight series known as the Sengoku Raiden Championship was seeking to develop new mixed martial artists’ talent. In order to achieve that the promotion made an announcement that they had already signed four extremely talented athletes in the amateur wrestling as well as Judo, most remarkably Zurab Zviadauri the gold medalist in the 2004 Olympic in Judo. No one of these fighters saw the Mixed Martial Art action before the demise of Sengoku but in 2011 a member of the Olympic Judo team of Georgia by name Levan Razmadze came out because of the test. And has currently been wreaking havoc to any Japanese heavyweights that is unlucky to traverse his path.

Levan Razmadze was born 14th of November, 1985. He is a Georgian and Mixed Martial artist that vies in the super heavyweight division. Currently, he is the DEEP Megaton Champion.

His Mixed Martial Arts Profession

On 30th January, 2011 Levan Razmadze made his Mixed Martial Art first appearance against Hee Seok Song during the Gladiator 13. Razmadze won the fight through a technical knockout in the first round. Named as an ambiguously freelance athlete there is a few background information on Levan Razmadze that is available publicly. But ever since making his first appearance in January at Tokyo, a lot of Japanese fans have nicknamed him “Zangief” because of the passing likeness to the huge Soviet Street Fighter character.


As a result of mastery of Judo, Levan unavoidably depends on getting hold of his challengers to the ground to win fights through controlled ground assaults, submission and pound assaults. Regardless of his unexceptional physique, he is able to close the distance on very fast opponents and ground them with little ease once he gets hold of them. Levan’s kickboxing is rudimentary is purely exceptional, and his right cross as well as his left hook are capable enough to close any gap and allow him inside wrestling range.

Up to now Levan’s incursion into the Japanese Mixed Martial Art could liken to a terrible and horrible event for opponents. With the glory days of Tsuyoshi Kosaka and Enson Inoue long gone, the recent national heavyweight ranks can charitably be depicted as “barren”. Levan took advantage of this situations and conditions in 2011, first appearing in the obscure Gladiator event before gradually ascending to the major series of the DEEP in June. He bypassed promotional experienced persons like Kazuhisa Tazawa and Seigo Mizuguchi in a short order to declare his top status, possessing the Deep Megaton Championship during the process.

Currently it is very uncertain what the future has for Levan Razmadze. Away from a full Mixed Martial artist, he still needs to develop his striking abilities as well as his physical condition in order to become a reliable heavyweight in the world stage. But for now, he has all cleared out the whole of Japan. In order to get the additional training he needs Levan would have to go to the West and develop the depth he would need for the next step toward world stage.