Short Biography of Mike Kyle


Mike Kyle is from the United States, a professional Mixed Martial Artist born on the 31st of March, 1980. He fights in the division of heavyweight and the light heavyweight. He mainly fights for the Strikeforce as well as the King of the Cage. He is the current Heavyweight champion of King of the Cage. He has defeated many prominent superstars like Light Heavyweight Champion for Strikeforce Rafael Cavalcante, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka and James Irvin.

Kyle made his official debut against Mixed Martial Artist Wes Sims. It was an intense fight but Kyle dominated the whole round. However, Kyle won via KO at the round 1 in the fourth minute. The fight notice came to Sims in less than a week though he accepted it. The reason for the short notice was that the original opponent for Kyle was injured and then replaced by Sims. After the fight nevertheless, Sims protested that Kyle had given him a bite on the chest in the after-fight interview. And one could see the bite mark very clearly on the left of Sims’ pectoral muscle. This incident is the first time ever a bite like this had occurred in a UFC match since UFC in the year 1993 when Royce Gracie was bitten by Gerard Gordeau in a championship match. Kyle denied every allegation against him.

He was defeated in his second fight by knockout in an endorsement to Justin Eilers. This happened in round one of the match. He wrestled against Irvin James in a UFC 51: Super Saturday. He won through a knockout in round one.


He defeated the Japanese legend by name Tsuyoshi Kohsaka in Pancrase after he left the UFC. He achieved this by sending a flying knee when Kohsaka went for a takedown. In the third round Kyle was declared the winner of the fight through Technical decision as the ringside doctors declared that Kohsaka cannot be able to continue with the fight. He also wrestled for the World Extreme Cagefighting prior signing with the Strikeforce.

His debut match in the Strikeforce was against Krzysztof Soszynski. However the fight was affirmed a technical draw after Soszynski got a thumb to the eye. He then fought with Brian Olsen after the fight with Krzysztof for the Heavyweight Championship of WEC. He was disqualified in this match after hitting Olsen with unlawful strikes. He fought and lost at Strikeforce: Shamrock versus Le through armbar submission at the round 1 of the match. After wrestling in two little organizations he came back to Strikeforce. He went on to fight Rafael Cavalcante and defeated him by a technical knockout by punches in round two. He lost to Fabricio Werdum in his next match through Guillotine Choke at round one. He got back to winning ways when he defeated Jeremy Freitag through a technical Knockout at round 3 of the Xtreme MMA Australia.

The next signing he made was for King of the Cage and debuted against Travis Wiuff. Winning by technical Knockout in round two, the decision was altered to a No Contest decision when it was realized that Kyle used a bell to hit Wiuff.

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