Mousasi Gegard is an Armenian, professional Dutch kickboxer and a mixed Martial artist. He trains in Team Jurojin in the Netherlands and a member of the Red Devil Sport organization in Russia as well as the Golden Glory in the Netherlands. Currently he’s the champion of Dream Light Heavyweight, former Middleweight Champion Cage Warriors and also the former Champion, Dream Middleweight. In Strikeforce: Nashville he lost to Muhammed Lawal which was his last defeat. He is recently ranked number 8 by the MMAWeekly in the light Heavyweight level in the world.

Gegard Mousasi was born on the 1st of August, 1985 in Tehran, Iran. His parents are Armenian and when he was 4 years of age, his parent moved to the Netherlands. When he was through with his grade school, he began to develop interest in the area of martial arts. When he was 8 years of age, started training in Judo and by the time he was 15 years he became a boxer. A year after he became the champion in amateur boxing in the Netherlands having a record of 12-1. He had 12 knockouts. Later he switched to kickboxing and finally to the Mixed Martial arts.

After signing with Pride FC in 2006, he was to fight against Makoto Takimoto at the Pride Bushido 11. He won him by a Technical Knockout in the round 1 of the match. He lost to Akihiro Gono at the round two of the match in the quarter-finals through (Armbar) submission. After the lost he was scheduled to fight Lombard Hector, he defeated the Cuban Fighter after a unanimous decision by the judges.

He defeated Denis Kang, the black belter of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by a triangle choke in round one of the 2008 Middleweight Grand Prix in the Dream 2. He won Dong Sik Yoon by decision and advanced to the last round which was held at the Dream 6. In the semi-finals he wrestled and submitted the K-1 expert Melvin Manhoef and met the submission expert Ronaldo Souza during the finals. However, he won Souza with an upkick after the Brazilian had taken him down, therefore becoming the first Middleweight champion of Dream and also winner of the 2008 Middleweight Grand Prix.


Surprisingly Gegard decided to fight with the Japanese K-1 wrestler Musashi in the rules of K-1 at Dynamite!! 2008. But before the fight Gegard had already said that after victory at Dream Middleweight Grand Prix, he will not fight at the middleweight because of the big weight cut. Also he was not tipped to win the fight against a more experience fighter like Musashi, however came out victorious in the round one of the fight with a knockout, going undefeated in year 2008.

Mousasi’s next appearance was at the M-1 Global’s Breakthrough in 28th of August, 2009. He fought in a presentation match, against the recent WAMMA Heavyweight Champion and former Pride Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko and was overpowered with a straight Armbar.

In the 31st of January, 2011 it was revealed that Mousasi was thinking training for the Summer Olympics of 2012 at the class of boxing.