List of most important sample questions on Home Management


Here is the list of some of the most important model questions on Home Management.

Long Questions

1. Explain the principles of Interior decoration. How will you apply them in decorating your bedroom ?


2. What is energy management ? Explain the steps of work simplification.

3. Explain the steps of management in detail.

4. Give a comparison between human and non-human resources. Explain how do you manage your energy during cleaning and polishing of floor.

5. What are the elements of design in decoration and how do you follow the principles of design in decorating your drawing room.


6. What do you understand by work simplification ? What are the ways in which time and motion studies are carried out ?

7. What are the common kitchen equipments found in India and explain how are you going to select, clean and take care of these ? ‘

8. What is interior decoration ? State the role of flower arrangement in decorating a house and explain its principles and types of arrangements.

9. What is resources ? Explain how these are useful for managing the home.


10. Explain the types of kitchen equipment and discuss the points you should keep in mind while purchasing these equipments ?

11. Classify resources. State how would you make proper utilization of time and energy at your home.

12. Discuss the importance of cleanliness and its value with regard to the home and its surroundings.

13. Classify the common household pests. What are the dangers of having a house infested with pests ? State some simple measures to free the house of them.


14. How would you protect your kitchen against flies ?

15. How would you control and eradicate the following pests in your home ?

(a) Bugs

(b) Cockroaches


(c) Flies

(d) Mosquitoes.

16. What are the pests that destroy properties at home ? How will you eradicate them ?

17. Describe the operation, care and maintenance of the following kitchen equipments in your home :

(a) Refrigerator

(b) Gas stove

(c) Mixer cum Grinder.

18. What is colour ? Describe the Prang Colour Chart and the importance of colour in interior decoration.

19. How would you use flowers in a house for interior decoration ?

20. (a) Why is it important to have good taste in the planning of interior decoration of a room ?

(b) What are the different colour schemes usually adopted in interior decoration ? Short Questions

21. Short Notes on

(a) Three types of flower arrangement

(b) Elements of beauty or design

(c) Colour combination

(d) Fatigue

(e) Care of Gas stove and Refrigerator

(f) Planning and evaluation

(g) Operation chart

(h) Meaning of Home management

(i) Japanese flower arrangement

(j) Psychological fatigue

(k) Cleaning of a brass vase

(I) Making furniture polish at home

(m) Periodical cleaning of a home

(n) Cutlery and Crockery

(o) Dry flower arrangement

22. Differentiate between

(a) Human and non-human resources

(b) Daily and weekly planning

(c) Planning and controlling

(d) Monochromatic and Analogous colour combination

(e) Complementary and double complementary colour schemes

(f) Mixer and Grinder

(g) Harmony and proportion in interior decoration

(h) Value and intensity of a colour with examples

(i) Warm and cool colours

(j) Pressure cooker and Rice cooker

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