Long Questions

1. Discuss the causes and prevention of maternal and infantile mortality in I

2. Write about four common ailment of childhood.

3. What are the signs, symptoms and complications of pregnancy ? What pr can be taken to overcome the minor disorder during pregnancy ?


4. Give a comparative study of breast feeding and artificial feeding.

5. What is prenatal period ? State the factors that influences the growth of individual during this period.

6. What is Child Development ? Explain the importance and scope of studying care and development.

Selected Model Questions


7. How conception occurs ? Explain the various stages of prenatal growth and development.

8. Write an essay on prenatal environmental influences on the growth and development of the children.

9. Why prenatal care is important ? Discuss the care given to the mother during pregnancy.

10. What are the factors that influence the growth and development of the children.


11. Explain the pattern of growth and development during childhood.

12. ‘Breast Feeding is Best Feeding’ – Justify the statement.

13. How to feed the baby ? Explain the various types of feeding practices commonly found in India.

14. What is weaning ? Explain the significance, suitable foods and the ways of feeding children.


15. Write an essay in the different care given to the baby, during first one to two years of life.

16. What are the common problems of childhood and explain five ailments that most of the children face during childhood year.

17. Explain the causes and preventive measures of Infant mortality in India.

18. Why maternal mortality is more in our country and explain the preventive measures that government should undertake.


19. Write an essay on the development of Adolescents.

20. State the changes occurring during adolescence.

21. Mention the importance of adolescents and the role of parents in dealing with then.

22. Explain the various problems faced by the adolescents. Short Questions


23. Short notes on

(a) Advantages of breast feeding.

(b) Disadvantages of artificial feeding.

(c) Weaning

(d) Burping

(e) Signs of pregnancy

(f) Period of embryo

(g) Supplementary foods

(h) Importance of immunization

(i) Importance of special diet during pregnancy

(j) Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

(k) Bathing the baby

(l) Clothing for the baby

(m) Toilet training

(n) Immunization

(o) Physical changes during adolescents

(p) Adolescents changes immorality and values,

(q) Major problems of adolescents,

(r) Emotional problems of adolescents. 24. Distinguish between

24. (a) Growth and development

(b) Feeding and weaning

(c) Period of embry and period of fetus.

(d) Physical care and psychological care of the pregnant women.

(e) Cephalo-caudal law and proximodistal law.

(f) Body size and body proportions.

(g) Breast feeding and artificial feeding.