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Controlling in Management

Controlling is defined as the process of analyzing whether actions are producing desired results. To control means to check and ensure that each activity is performed in a planned manner. As a function of management, the controlling takes necessary preventive and corrective actions which ensure that the resources are being effectively utilized, to accomplish the goals. "Control is simply the [...]

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Leadership Styles

Leadership style means the pattern of behaviour a leader follows or adopts for influencing the followers or the subordinates working in the enterprise. What style of leadership a leader adopts depends on an array of factors such as his personality traits, value system and experience. Leadership style varies from person to person at the same point of time and may [...]

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Types of Conflict

Some of the types of conflict are: 1. Community Conflict 2. Diplomatic Conflict 3. Economic Conflict 4. Emotional Conflict 5. Environmental Resources Conflict  6. External Conflict 7. Group Conflict 8. Ideological Conflict 9. International Conflict 10. Interpersonal Conflict 11. Inter-Societal Conflict 12. Intellectual Conflict 13. Intrastate Conflict 14. Intrapersonal Conflict 15. Organizational and Workplace Conflict 16. Intra-Societal Conflict 17. Military [...]

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Change Management

An organized approach of shifting persons, groups and organizations from a present state to preferred future state, is known as change management. It is an orderly approach to deal with change, both from the perspective of the organization and individual. Change management is an organizational process that aims to make the employees to accept the change in their present work [...]

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Budgetary Control Meaning

Budgetary control is the process of preparation of budgets for various activities and comparing the budgeted figures for arriving at deviations if any, which are to be eliminated in future. Thus budget is a means and budgetary control is the end result. Budgetary control is a continuous process which helps in planning and coordination. It also provides a method of [...]

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Management Information System

Management Information System (MIS) is a system by which information is collect­ed, processed and presented to management with a view to improve the quality of decisions. The emphasis of MIS is on information for decision-making. Though MIS was originally developed for large businesses, it has application in all types of organisations. Management Information System (MIS) is a system of communication [...]

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Marginal Costing

Marginal Costing is a management technique of dealing with cost data. It is based primarily on the behavioural study of cost. Marginal costing provides this vital information to management and it helps in the discharge of its functions like c6st control, profit planning, performance evaluation and decision-making. Marginal costing plays its key role in decision making. It is a technique [...]

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Business Ethics

Business ethics is concerned with the behaviour of a businessman in doing a business. Unethical practices are creating problems to businessmen and business units. The life and growth of a business unit depends upon the ethics practiced by a businessman. Business ethics are developed by the passage of time and custom. A custom differs from one business to another. If [...]

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International Trade

International trade is a narrow term and part of international business. International trade includes export, import and entrepot trade. It also includes contracts related to services such as international travel and tourism, transportation, communication, banking, warehousing, advertising etc. International business on the other hand is a much broader term. In additional to international trade it includes all the activities related [...]

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Leadership Theories

Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior and activities of an individual or a group for achieving common goals. Thus, the existence of a leader is very essential to guide, inspire and direct the activities of a group. Now, the question arises that how leaders are developed. Leadership remains one of the most important aspects of an organizational setting. [...]

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