Long Questions

1. What are the differences between natural fiber and manmade fiber ?

2. Discuss the types of hardness in water. What are the methods usually used at home to remove it ?

3. Write an essay on the methods and principles of laundering.


4. Explain textile fibers. What are the characteristics and structure of cotton fiber ?

5. Classify textile fibers and explain the structure and characteristics of silk fiber.

6. What is natural fibers ? Explain the structure and characteristics of wool fiber.

7. What is hardness of water ? Describe the process of softening hardness of water for laundry purposes.


8. Classify textile fibers and describe the characteristics and properties of any one animal/natural fiber.

9. What are the functions of soap in laundry work and explain varieties of laundry soaps available in the market ?

10. Explain the methods and principles of laundering clothes at home.

11. What is finishing ? Write the methods of finishing cotton/silk/woolen fabrics.


12. Explain the process of washing and finishing cotton/silk/woolen fabrics.

13. Why storing of the fabrics is important ? Explain the general principles involved in storing clothing’s at home.

14. State the role of blue in household laundry work and explain the process of bluing.

15. What is the need of using stiffening agents to the fabrics ? Explain the procedure of preparing one stiffening agent at home.


16. What are the equipments used in laundry ? Explain the principles of laundering woolen fabrics.

17. Classify textile fibers with examples. How do you wash wool and silk fabric in the house.

18. What are stiffening agents ? Explain the types of stiffening agents used for laundry work.

19. Explain the role of water and soap used in cleansing clothes.


What care should be given while washing coloured woolen garments ?

20. Discuss in detail the use of different laundry equipment.

Short Questions

21. Short notes on


(a) Detergent

(b) Laundry equipments

(c) Soap less detergents

(d) Gelatin

(e) Use of Borax

(f) Stiffening agent

(g) Queen of fibers

(h) Types of laundry soaps

(i) Structure of wool

(j) Structure of cotton.

22. Distinguish between

(a) Clothing and Textiles

(b) Fiber and Yarn

(c) Fiber and Fabrics

(d) Natural fiber and artificial fiber

(e) Cultivated silk and wild silk

(f) Permanent and temporary hardness of water.

(g) Soft water and hard water

(h) Soaps and detergents

(i) Soap solution and soap flakes

(j) Disinfectant soaps and solvent soaps.