1. Define Home Management. Describe different steps of its process to manage household activities.


What are the factors required for selecting kitchen equipment ? Describe the use, cleaning and care of household cooking utensils.

2. Name the diseases transmitted through food and water. Write the modes of transmission and prevention of any two diseases.



What do you mean by infection ? Explain the sources and mode of infection for Enteric fever and Cholera. What are their preventive measures ?

3. Classify the natural and man-made fibers. Write the characteristics of silk.



Write the characteristics and structure of cotton and wool. Justify that cotton fibers are better than any man-made fibers.

4. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(i) Types of flower arrangement

(ii) Eradicating household pests


(iii) Cleaning and polishing of wooden furniture’s

(iv) First aid for drowning

(v) Foreign bodies in the eye

(vi) Washing and finishing of silk


(vii) Water for laundering

5. Differentiate between any two of the following:

(i) Malaria and Filaria

(ii) Triangular and Roller bandages


(iii) Soap and Detergents

(iv) Heater and Oven