Stones were the main tools and weapons of early human beings. This was the Stone Age. Better tools were developed to meet the increasing needs of the people. Strong tools and weapons were made only after the discovery of metals.

The accidental discovery of copper changed the style of human life. It may be possible that early man happened to throw some stones in the fire, then he might have noticed a bright object in the fire, which was actually metal. After a great effort, early man was able to make a few tools and weapons from this metal, These were stronger than stones and sticks. He also used them for tilling the land.

After a few thousand years, man discovered iron, which was stronger than copper. From iron, he developed a variety of tools and weapons such as axes, ploughs, sickles, shovels, spears, etc. Now he could cut trees, till the land and kill big animals easily. He made stronger and bigger wheels for the carts. Man in many parts of the world started living in villages and kept on improving the tools and weapons. He developed many skills and occupations. Now he could work as a blacksmith, carpenter, farmer, hunter and potter. Each discovery and invention led to a more comfortable life.