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186 Words Paragraph on luxuries of Life

What is luxury for one may be a necessity for another. For example a car is a luxury for a common man working in a once or a factory. But it is a necessity roars an executive working in and managing a business establishment or company.

Human Life is Boon or Bane?

Today life depends on science. It moves on the wheels of science. Due to science many latest technologies come out in the world and these technologies have become a part of man’s life like cell phones, laptops, computers, Lcd etc.

Why cell is regarded as the basic unit of life?

Why cells are regarded as the basic unit of life? The living world is comprised of diverse forms of life like bacteria, protozoa, plants and animals which differ considerably in their morphology, function and behavior.  

Free Sample essay on Life in a Big City

Free Sample essay on Life in a Big City. Life in a big city is full of fun and frolic, full of hazards and full of drudgery too. For many it is rather a hell. The people living on the sea beaches in Mumbai and Chennai, in the palatial buildings in Anna Salai..

Short Biography of Balasaraswati | Personal life, Family, Career

Short Biography of Balasaraswati !  Personal life, Family, Career. At the age of 7, in 1925 when T. Balasaraswati was presented to the world in the Ammanakshi temple, Kancheepuram one could see the picture sequences of poet Keats in the ‘talam’ (rhythm) in her feet, the ‘mudrai’ (gestures) of her hands and ‘abhinayam’

Essay on the Life in an Indian Village

Free essay on the life in an Indian Village. India is a land of villages. About 70 percent of our population lives in the villages. However, they present a very unusual image of village life. Hard work, simplicity and plain thinking is a charm of life there.

Free sample essay on Hostel Life vs. Home Life

Free sample essay on Hostel Life vs. Home Life. Home is a place of love and warm affection by the caretakers. It has the love of mother and affection of father. It has the equality of brothers and sisters and lap-cozey protection of the family.

Short essay on the Aim of My Life

Free sample essay on the Aim of My Life . I too have an aim to become a doctor in life. I have already taken physics, chemistry and biology in my IX class. I am working very hard to reach my goal.

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