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Why some people criticize The Legal Theory of Rights?

Why some people criticize The Legal Theory of Rights? According to this theory right are created and maintained by the state. The state formulates the enforces them and can restrict their scope.

Management is Concerned with Ideas, Things and People

Management is Concerned with Ideas, Things and People. Management involves judicious deployment of resources for the achievement of certain goals. It is concerned with ideas, things and people in the following ways:

Controversial essay on Are Religious People Socially Misfits?

In schools and colleges, students who wear religious marks on their forehead or who recite prayers or shlokas are often subject to ridicule by fellow students. Sometimes they may even be physically attacked for their religious beliefs.

People the only censors of Governments

There are governments of men who are sincere, honest and true, just as there are governments run by self-seekers, demagogues, and power- obsessed tyrants.

Can we treat GDP as an index of welfare of the people, always?

Can the GDP of a country be taken as an index of the welfare of the people of that country? If a person has more income he or she can buy more goods and services and his or her material wellbeing improves. So it may seem reasonable to treat his or her income level as […]

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