Iron is a hard metal. Its colour is black. It can be melted by heat, and then moulded into different shapes. It is rolled into bars, plates and sheets, and then used for various pur­poses.

Iron is found in many parts of the world, such as Spain, America, India etc. When raised from mines, particles of iron are found to be mixed up with all sorts of things. It is, therefore, called ‘ore’. Iron is separated from the impure substances contained in ores, and made fit for extraction in the furnace.

There are two forms of iron: cast iron and wrought iron. Wrought iron is harder than cast iron. It is used in the construction of machines. Another form of iron is called steel’, which is the most useful form of iron, and is used extensively for construction of machines, ships, steam engines, bridges,-rails for railways, machine-tools, instru­ments and weapons.

It is harder than all other forms of iron. It does not break easily, nor does it wear away by constant use. It does not rust like other forms of iron, and is the costli­est of all kinds of iron.


Iron is of great use to mankind. Various articles are made of iron for use by man. Industries cannot go without the use of iron. The country which possesses more iron is considered stronger in its assets.