Short Notes on Annexation of Kondavidu


Soon after his accession, Devaraya’s attention was directed to the affairs in the Reddi kingdom of Kondavidu. He had not forgotten that Pedakomati Vema had sided with Bahmanis during the last war. The death of Pedakomati and the murder of his successor and son Racha Vema, however, changed the situation.

The kingdom of Kondavidu disappeared from the political stage and henceforward became an easy prey for the neighbouring states-the Gujapatis, Hayopatas a Narapatis. It was ruled by a number of chieftains during the period A.D. 1424-A.D. 1432. Devaraya took advantage of the opportunity, annexed Kondavidu and brought all the chieftains under his sway.

The Velamas, too, had changed their earlier position. Devaraya I had been their friend and protector from the attack of the Bahmanis. After the death of Ravu Singha, I, Velamas kingdom had now been divided between his two sons Anapota I and Mada I. Ahmad Shah had been successful in capturing Tilangana and Warangal in 1429.


Ahmad Shah had appointed one of his sons Daud Khan as the governor of these territories. On Ala-ud-din- Ahamad I’s accession in 1435, after the passing away of his father, Ahmad, the new sultan appointed Muhammad Khan as the governor as Daud Khan was dead by that time. The

Racherla family which had ruled Warangal since 1365 migrated to the neighbouring states afer the annexation of their territories by the Bahmanis. In fact, some of them carved out small principalities. Annapota II became chief of Medok. In league with Linga of Devarkonda, they carried out raids in neighbouring Rajahmundhry Kingdom of the Reddis.

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