Harihara was anxious to bring the eastern coast also under his control. The disturbances which followed the death of Anavema, king of Kondavidu in 1382-83, encouraged him to attack the Reddi kingdom and annex the adjoining districts of Addanki and Srisailam.

This led to a conflict with Velamas and their ally the Bahmanis, Muhammad Shah I sent an army which was defeated by Bukka’s forces at Kottakonda near Warangal. The Velamas again made an effort to wrest Srisailam with the help of Bahmani forces and attacked the Udayagiri, the border province of Vijayanagar, But the Governor Devaraya and his son Ramchandra Udaiya repulsed the attack.

Devaraya was anxious to break the alliance to Velamas with the Bahmanis. He sent an army under the Prince Inmadi Bukka who routed the combined Bahmanis and Velama armies at Kotakonda but was unable to break the alliance.

Another expedition was sent in A.D. 1390 which did not achieve any result and, in fact, Vijayanagar forces were defeated by Pedavedagiri, son of Mada and a nephew of Anapota. It, however, led to a long war lasting over 10 years which resulted in the capture of Panagal by Bukka II. It became a base for future campaigns into Tilangana by Vijayanagar rulers.