Short biography of Kondavidu Reddis Proyala Vema (A.D. 1325—A.D. 1353)


Soon after the death of Kapaya Nayak, the chief of Kondavidu, Prolaya Vema by m became independent. He ruled from A.D. 1325 to A.D. 1353 with Addanki as his capit; Later on the capital was shifted to Kondavidu.

His territories extended from Srisailam to the east coast. Though there were no major battles but a little hostility existed between the Reddis and the Recherla chiefs.

Vema was a great patron of learning and several well-known poets and scholars adorned his court. Yerra Pragada, the famous author of Harivamsa, was his court poet.


He was a religious man, built temples and tanks and gave liberal grants to brahmans. For the welfare of his people, he planted trees on both sides of the roads and made arrangements for drinking water and edibles.

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