In a very broad sense salesmanship has a place in all human activities. Every one of us is a salesman in his own walk his life. In a narrow sense, salesmanship is the art or technique of selling the products or services by convincing the prospects. In other words, it is the skill of converting the prospects into customers by offering valuable advice according to the purse, taste and need of the prospects.

1. According to G. Carter, Salesmanship is an attempt to induce people to buy goods.”

2. According to National Association of Marketing Teachers of America, It is the ability to persuade people to buy goods and services at a profit to the seller and benefit to the buyers.”

3. Professor Stephension defines salesmanship as an “effort on the part of the seller to induce a prospective buyer to decide to buy even if he had thought of favorably.”


Essential Features of Good Salesmanship:

(i) Salesmanship is a persuasion.

(ii) It aims at mutual benefit.

(iii) It aims at creation of permanent customers.


(iv) Further, it is an educative process.

(v) It aims at winning the hearts of buyers.

(vi) It is a link between buyer and seller.

(vii) It is a creative process and


(viii) Lastly, it aims at serving the producer, distributor and consumers.

Whether salesmanship is an art, science or profession- this question needs an answer. One group is of the view that “Salesman are made” whereas another group opines that “Salesman are born and not made.” At this juncture, it is necessary to decide absent to whether salesmanship is an art, a science or a profession.