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Here is your short note on Monosaccharide

Monosaccharide’s are simple carbohydrates that cannot be hydrolised into simpler compounds. Glucose, fructose and galactose are three nutritionally important carbohydrates in this category.

Here is your short note on salesmanship

In a very broad sense salesmanship has a place in all human activities. Every one of us is a salesman in his own walk his life. In a narrow sense, salesmanship is the art or technique of selling the products or services by convincing the prospects.

How to write a Short note on Beehive?

The house of honeybees is termed as hive or comb. It consists of hexagonal cells made up of wax secreted by the worker’s abdomen. These hives are hanging vertically from rock, building or branches of trees. Each hives has thousands of hexagonal thin walled fragile cells arranged in two opposite rows on a common base.

Write a short note on inequality and stratification

Men have long dreamed of an egalitarian society, a society in which all members are equal. But egalitarian society remains a dream. All human societies from the simplest to the most complex have some, form of social inequality.

Write a short note on Resolving power of microscope

It is the capacity of the microscope to differentiate the images of two points that are close together on the object. The smallest separation (linear distance) that can be resolved by the midroscope is called limit of resolution (d0). It can be calculated by Abbe’s formula:

Write short note on Polyploidy, its origin and kinds

Each species has a characteristic number of chromosomes in its somatic cells. The chromosome number in gametic cell constitute the basic set of chromosomes of genome which called as haploid It becomes diploid in zygote on fertilization. Any change in number of basic chromosome set of variation in normal.

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