The scope of salesmanship is very vast and is not confined merely to selling goods to customers. It includes many things in its orbit, like transport, repairing, teaching, painting, banking, ‘legal, medicine, insurance, and so on.’ With the advancement of science and technology its scope is increasing day by day. The scope of salesmanship has got no limit. It is a skill which is essential in every sphere of activity. In deep sense, every one of us is a salesman. Whenever a person convinces another person of the truth and correctness of his point of view and wins his support, he acts as a salesman. In this sense, a diplomat or a professor or a lawyer can act as a salesman, though this type of salesmanship is intangible. Thus, salesmanship is not restricted to selling alone. The skill is applicable to a number of diverse situations.

Salesmanship in its higher levels includes the subject-matter of product knowledge, knowledge of customers, training and control of salesman, organization and management of sales departments, etc. Advertising and publicity are integral part of sale because they help in popularizing the products and services.

Thus, salesmanship has been developed from a mere selling activity to specialized science and art. It covers today a wide arrange of activities and offers wide scope for development in future.