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I write this as protest against the apathy shown by the local civic body towards cleanliness reported outbreak of plague of the city.

Every street is littered with heaps of garbage and dirt, even when a number of concerns requested the civic body of the need of cleanliness during that time. It is an exhibition lack of concern of the part of the local municipality to remain a witness to all the accumulated dirt, even in the face of constant declaration that the outbreak of the plug was mainly due to unresolved garbage. I write this letter as concern citizen of the country, which thoughts boasts of every latest technology in telecom does not, seemed assumed. The rampaging pledged forced due to migrate to neighboring states in search of surroundings.

The civic agencies have turned a deaf ear to repeat pleases from certain citizen to remove the accumulated garbage. However all is not lost, and we should make concern efforts to clean our cities and make it a safe place to live in forever’s. I hope that my concern towards the cleaning of the city is conveyed though year esteemed newspaper.

Thanking you


Yours sincerely