Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper for playgrounds in your area


The Editor,

“The Statesman”


New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I wish to make an appeal to the Delhi Municipal Corporation authorities through the columns of your popular daily for providing more playgrounds in the city.

Delhi is fast growing into a very big city. Corporation authorities are implementing many schemes according to the Master Plan to make Delhi a beautiful and modern city. But the need of more playgrounds has not been paid any attention so far. Even in new colonies no play grounds have been provided. New buildings of schools have also not been provided any play-ground in or around school premises. As a result of this neglect we fare very poorly at international sports.


Let me remind our leaders of the famous saying, “The battle of Waterloo was won on the cricket fields of Eton.” Proper attention should be paid towards the health of the nation. I hope the authorities will rise to the occasion and take early steps in this direction. Result of the recent World Olympics meet should serve as an eye opener to all.

You’re faithfully,