After reading the following newspaper article, he writes a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, giving his strong views on the disadvantages of this project and making an appeal to the Government to reconsider its decision.


Kanpur Development Authority has decided to build houses on a 10 acre plot of land previously reserved for building a sports stadium. This is a prime land and the project would provide houses to 5,000 families. The project is likely to be completed by 1995. However, it is facing a stiff opposition from sports lovers and enthusiasts




The Editor

The Daily Jagran




Dear Sir,

I have read an article in yesterday’s newspaper regarding Kanpur Development Authority’s decision to build 5,000 houses on a piece of land previously reserved for building a sports stadium. I am expressing my deep sense of anguish at this decision. We have seen the poor performance of our sportsmen in the Olympics at Barcelona. India stands very poorly in the sports field at international level. This may be because we fail to prepare our sportsmen at the grass root level the way sportsmen and sportswomen are trained in China, Japan or Russia. Kanpur earlier produced two best cricketers who won laurels to the country. The hopes of a stadium here could have provided inspiration to man budding sportsmen. But this decision of the KDA has dampened the spirits of sports lovers.

Many internationally famous Indian sportsmen who are not active in sports now have expressed their opinions against this move. There is no modern stadium in Kanpur. This one would have served the interests of the young sports persons.

I appeal to KDA to review its decision and build a stadium as it was decided 10 years back. I am sure Kanpur shall give again many sportsmen to the country to bring it glory at national and international levels.


Yours faithfully,