India is the second largest country so far as population is concerned. But in the field of food production it is a backward country. Although the country men depend chiefly on agriculture, they are not able to meet the requirements of life thereby. Food problem has become very in India.

There are many reasons of this problem. Rise of Population is the chief factor. Population increases in geometrical proportion while food production increases in arithmetical proportion. Illiteracy of farmers in our country is the second reason. They seldom apply modern instruments in cultivation. Most of the Indian farmers believe that Goddess Earth will be angry if machines, fertilizers and pesticides are used in land. Ignorance and superstitions of the farmers in our country combining affect our food production. Apart from it, nature is very often hostile. Farmers depend upon rain for agriculture. In recent years, the monsoon rain is very scanty. Farmers have little capacity to fight famine. So food production is greatly affected. Above all, a lethargic attitude is shown by the Government towards cultivation. The price of everything in market rises. But the price of food grains does not rise.

If the above mentioned points are attended to properly, then food production will go up in our country. The first and foremost step is to check the rise of population. All steps should be taken to convince the people of the merits of small family with only one or two children. They should be acquainted of different methods of birth control.

The farmers must be given all kinds of facilities to increase food production. Rural banks and Co-operative societies must finance them. They must be given necessary training about the use of modern tools and fertilizers in cultivation. Above all, the attitude to exploit them must cease. Methods of cultivation should improve. If irrigation facility is provided, our farmers can produce two to three crops in a year in their land. Uncultivated land should be brought under cultivation.


Recently, the Government of India has provided insurance facility to the backward farmers. Our farmers are also gradually changing their old methods of farming. They are getting adequate encouragement for poultry and dairy farms. There are strict laws against hoarders and black- marketers who create artificial shortage of food grains. Food problem can be solved if all the country men develop art awareness for it.