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Retailing in India

Retailing has become such an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. All developed nations has strong organized retail sector. Retailing in India is the largest industry accounting 10- 11 per cent of GDP. Organized retail is only 2-3 per cent of total retailing. India has largest number of retailers about 12 million and having around […]

Collective Bargaining in India

Collective Bargaining is a bipartite democratic decision-making process and a form of industrial government and management. Though originally it emerged as a method of trade unionism in industries to determine wages and other terms and conditions of labour, today it includes within its scope the non-industrial sector, including government, and covers a wide range of […]

Rural Marketing

Rural marketing is the combination of two words – rural and marketing, where marketing is described as the process of defining, anticipating and knowing customer needs and organizing all the resources of company to satisfy them and Rural mean revenue villages with clear surveyed boundaries, where the density of population is not more than 400 […]

Labour Welfare in India

Labour Welfare activities are now not exclu­sively within the jurisdiction of the employers, governments and trade unions. Strictly not with a view to rendering welfare services to workers as defined in the industrial dictionary, a number of service organisations, national and international in character, have come forwarded to uplift the conditions of the toiling masses. […]

Term Paper on Terrorism | India

Here is a term paper on ‘Terrorism’. Find paragraphs, long and short term papers on ‘Terrorism’ especially written for school and college students. Term Paper on Terrorism Term Paper Contents: Term Paper on the Introduction to Terrorism Term Paper on the Classification of Terrorism Term Paper on the Reactionary Right-Wing Terrorism Term Paper on the […]

The India’s Strategic Relationship with Russia

The India’s Strategic Relationship with Russia! During the Cold War years India, while not a member of any bloc due to her non-aligned activism, enjoyed a proximate relationship with Russia.

Short essay on Water Resources in India

Water is one of the most precious resources the earth provides to mankind. Its use in modern age is manifold. We drink water to satisfy our thirst. We use it for domestic needs, irrigation, industrial use, transportation, power production and waste disposal. Water is universal solvent.

What are India’s basic interests in Afghanistan?

India believes that this process can be strengthened only if it supports the trends and policies in Afghanistan which will ensure the economic wellbeing of the Afghans, stability of the polity and modernization of that country, free from the shackles of extremist power structure.

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