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Career Planning

Career planning is the responsibility of the employee. Of course, the organisation has to provide opportunities for development of the employees and their careers to meet the requirements of the organisation. This means assisting the employees to achieve a better match between personal goals and the opportunities that are available in the organisation. Career Planning refers to the process of [...]

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Grievance Handling

The grievance handling is a device by which grievances are settled, generally to the satisfaction of the trade unions, employees and the management. This procedure is essential for the promotion and maintenance of good labour-management relations and a high degree of efficiency in the undertaking. Good grievance redressal machinery is also essential for high morale of workers and maintaining a [...]

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Employee Counselling

Counselling has been defined as a process which takes place in one-to-one relationship between an individual beset by problems with he cannot cope alone and a professional worker whose training and experience have qualified him to help other reach solutions to various types of personal difficulties. Counselling refers to the provision of professional assistance and guidance (by the organization) in [...]

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Labour Turnover

Labour turnover refers to the ratio of the number of employees in the beginning and that in the end of the year. This ratio signifies the extent to which employees leave and new employees join in a given period.  Labour turnover is a one kind of discontent is expressed not by striking work but by quitting the job. It is [...]

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Job Description

Job description is descriptive in nature. It defines the purpose and scope of a job. It is prepared on the basis of information collected by job analysis. Job description is a written summary of the basic tasks, associated with a particular job. It describe an employee's qualification its performance on job and even its temporary assignment. It also clarify work [...]

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Employee Morale

Employee Morale is an indicator of attitudes of employees towards their jobs, superiors and environment. It is the sum total of employee's attitudes, feelings arid sentiments towards these variables. Employee Morale is a by-product of motivation and group relationship in the organisation. It is a mental process which once started permeates in the entire group creating a mood which results [...]

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Quality Circle

Quality circle is an aid to HRA. Quality circle is defined as a small group of people engaged in similar work who meet voluntarily on regular basis under the leadership of their supervisors to identity and discuss their work problems, analyse the causes thereof and recommend the solutions to superiors and to implement the solutions themselves. According to Wendell L. [...]

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Types of Incentives

Incentives may broadly be classified into monetary or non-monetary. Monetary incentives have an important contribution to make within the total motivation pattern. They provide extra-financial motivation, by rewarding the worker over and above his regular remuneration tor performing more than the targeted work. Some of the financial motivations are overtime wages, higher basic wages, incentive bonus, merit increments, suggestion rewards, [...]

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Quality of Work Life (QWL)

Quality of Work Life (QWL) has been defined as the quality of relationship between employees and the total work environment. As employees spend most of the time at their work place, so it should yield greater job satisfaction for them by making them eager to come to work every day. Walton defines QWL as - "a process by which an [...]

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Theories of Wages

Payment of wages differs from industry to industry and also it differs from country to country. The payment of wages is payment by time, payment by result, and also payment by piece rate, etc. Wages are fixed as a result of individual bargaining, collective bargaining or by public or State regulation. How wages are determined has been the subject of [...]

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