In today’s world, access to information and improved communication is a crucial requirement for sustainable agricultural development.

Modern information and communication technologies like internet, when applied to conditions in rural areas can help to improve communication and share knowledge and skills; Internet is a tool that gives access to a vest global information resource. Its use can enable rural comminutes to receive information and assistance from other developed organization and can offer opportunities for two-way communication.

Use of Internet can be a big boost in encouraging community participation in decision making and help in agricultural researchers, extension managers, technical experts, farmers and others in sharing information. In order to achieve this parity it is very important to till the gap between the information rich and information poor in villages. For this many NGOs and governmental organizations have taken measures.

The Warn Wired Village Project has been covering 70 villages in Maharashtra. This project services the information needs of the farmers of different crop cultivation practices if major crops, sugarcane cultivation, practices, pest and disease control marketing information, dairy and sugarcane processing information etc. These information centers are also functioning as training units of staff, students and farmers and farmers of the village.


Another project launched in villages in Pondicherry as The information village project is aimed at bringing the benefits of modern information and communication technologies to the poor and asset less families. Other like NDDB’s use of It-based machines at milk collection centers, Honey-Bee knowledge network of the IlM-Ahmadabad to augment grass root inventors have been crucial in delivering information and communication services in villages.

Hence, Internet service is becoming a tool for development communication, however most rural communities are not yet able to board the internet bog ire. Therefore, an integrated approach is required to facilitate Internet Services and application to rural areas.