The soul of India lays in villages and in these villages live three-fourths of our countrymen.’ It means that the nation’s strength and prosperity are interlinked with the strength and prosperity of the villages. Hence, it is important to free the rural India from backwardness and poverty. It is a good sign that our government is tiying its best to bring rapid and sustainable development in the rural areas.

Education and removal of poverty are given top priority. Efforts are being made to enable the rural people to improve their living standards. Clean drinking water is very important for good health which is being made available in the villages. Our villages are no more poor and dirty as they were in past. They have their own primary health centres, post offices and the schools.

Primary education has been made free so that maximum number of the villages may be literate. Rural houses are now built with bricks and the roads are almost pucca. Electricity is being installed-in every village. To improve the financial position of the rural people different schemes are being started by the government. Bank loans are being given at low rate.

We see a revolutionary change in the methods of farming- Farming is no more done by plough and oxen. Now tractors are being used for this purpose. There are tube-wells which irrigate the fields. There are harvesting machines which reap the crops. The farmers also know much about the fertilizers- They use them in ample measure. Thus farming has no^ become easier.


No doubt rural India has progressed a lot with better roads, better drainage system, better electricity facilities, better houses, but still much more has to be achieved in order to make it ideal in the true sense of the term. We see poverty, we see unemployment, we see malnutrition etc. in the rural areas more than the urban ones. These are the factors which hamper the growth and development of the villages.

Our government has started a scheme named Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojna to provide additional and guaranteed employment in rural areas. Under the scheme, those who take employment from Panchayats to build durable rural assets will be paid wages in cash and in food grains. For these 50 lakhs tones of food grains worth Rs. 5,000 crore will be provided to state government every year. Nearly one hundred crore ordinary employment are expected to be generated through this scheme. These efforts will surely tackle the problem of unemployment and poverty.

The progress of a nation solely depends upon the progress of its rural areas. We can say that the rural areas provide the feed back to a nation. No doubt our rural areas have progressed a lot in every field even UNO has also established many organisations like NABARD for the progress of these areas. Information technology has also entered in our rural areas. We also think for such steps to promote our nation.