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Short essay on the Food budget of India

Short essay on the Food budget of India. Food budget refers to the relationship between the requirement of food and the availability of food. If the available quantities of food do not satisfy the necessaries..

Free sample essay on Biofuels And World Food Shortage

Free sample essay on Biofuels And World Food Shortage. In the context of global shortages of fossil energy oil and natural gas in particular governments worldwide are focusing on biofuels as renewable energy alternatives.

2634 words essay on Food security in India

2634 words essay on Food security in India. Food security is access to enough food by all people at all time for an active and healthy life. In the past concentrated efforts were made to achieve food security by increasing food grain production.

6 important Commercial Methods Of Food Preservation

It is the preservation of food in sealed containers, usually after the application of heat, through steam under pressure. During the process of canning part of the micro-organisms are destroyed and the rest are rendered inactive.

What are the factors that contributes to Food Spoilage?

Food is rendered unfit for human consumption due to the physical and chemical changes taking place in it as a result of the influences of air, heat, light and moisture, which foster the growth of micro­organisms.

What are the important scientific methods of food preparation?

Food preparation is much more than a science; it is an art: for it is linked with the total cultural pattern of people. Food preparation requires a sense of discrimination in the blending of flavours as well as of textures, colours and shapes.  

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