1. It is the duty of every citizen to assist in curbing the menace of adulteration. Do not overlook instances of adulteration. Take an active interest in exposing and condemning them.

2. Be prompt in giving information about specific instances of adulteration. Convey it by post or telephone to the relevant authorities. If you live in Delhi, they are:

a) Municipal Heath Officer,

b) Municipal Health Officer, New Delhi Municipal Commit­tee, Parliament Street, New Delhi.


c) Executive Officer

d) Director-General of Health Services, Nirman Bhavan, Delhi.

e) Citizens Central Council, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

3. Give lawful assistance to food inspectors in drawing of samples of adulterated articles.


4. Be ready to act as a witness and to give evidence in court in such cases.

5. Offer full cooperation and help in drives against adulteration of food.

6. You should not purchase cheap adulterated things.

7. Always prefer to buy AG mark or ISI marked and packed products. Avoid buying loose, unpacked food items.


8. Remember the slogan “Adulteration is a Menace to Health”. Fight it with all your might.

Malpractices Of Food Dealers

When demand is more than supply, dealers get a chance to indulge in malpractices. These in turn affect the economic situation and the health of the consumer. Dealers may try to cheat the consumer by the following means:

i. Adulteration of food


ii. Using defective Weights and Measures

iii. Providing inadequate Labeling

iv. False Advertisements.

The problem of consumers is how, when and what quality of goods is to be bought so as to get the best value for their money. To use his money wisely, a consumer needs to be fully informed about prices which may vary from one market to another. The best course is to take advantage of the large number of co-operative stores in Indian cities. The choice of which store to buy from is also influenced by the type of services it offers to consumers display, courtesy, home delivery and credit facilities.