Counseling is the activity where all the facts are gathered together and the experiences of the students are focused upon the particular problem to be solved by him, where he is given direct and personal help in solving his problems. We can organise counseling services in our school.

We can use counseling services for solving various problems of our students. For this class teach will play a role of counselor because he/she knows students more deeply the subject teacher. We can organise both directive and non-directive counseling services. In directive counseling, we can provide counseling to students’ b having their problems in main focus.

As for example, a student is facing some particular problems in completing project work. The student is not doing well in this project work due to his/her personal problem. We can solve this problem by providing him counseling service. In non-directive counseling student goes to get help to counselor.

For this work we can give special period once in a week for such kind of service where students could seek help of counselor in solving their problems. Thus we could organise counseling services in our school successfully.