What are the things for which man depends on animals?


Animals are a very important part of man’s surroundings. We get food, material and many services from animals.

1. We need animals for food:

We drink milk that we get from cows, buffaloes, goats and even camels. Milk is a very important food for the growth of children. We get cheese, curd, butter and ghee from milk. Eggs and meat are a good source of protein. We eat the eggs of hens and ducks. The meat of goats, sheep, chicken and fish is commonly eaten. The honey that we eat is extracted from the hives of the honeybees.


2. We need animals for materials:

Wool is made from the hair of sheep. It is used for making blankets, sweaters, clothing, carpets, etc. Shoes, bags and belts are usually made from leather that we get from the skin of cows, camels and buffaloes. We get silk torn the silkworm. It is used for making sarees, shawls, carpets and furnishings. Shells, feathers and teeth of animals are also used for making jewellery, decorative items, dusters, etc.

3. We need animals for certain services:

Animals are often used for lifting and carrying heavy loads. Horses and camels are used for transportation in hills and deserts. Dogs are kept as pets and for guarding the house. They have a good sense of smell and are used by the police for detective work.


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