Short notes on Economic Importance of Animals


Animals are useful and beneficial to human beings in many ways but some animals are harmful also.

Benefits from animals to man:

1. Food material – Animal provide various types of food material i.e. meat, eggs, milk, honey etc.


2. Cloth – Raw silk and wool are obtained from the animals which are used in the production of cloth (woolen and silken).

3. Medicines – Liver oil and liver extracts are obtained from the liver of fishes and other animals. Some hormones are also extracted from certain organs of the animals.

4. Fuel – Cow dung when dried is used as fuel.

5. Manure – Compost (manure) is made by decomposition of animals excreta and commonly used in agriculture fields.


6. Tilling of soil – This is done by the earthworms which expose out the under soil while feeding and burrowing.

7. Transport – Horses, camels, mules, donkeys, bulls and buffaloes are used as pack animals and for pulling carts etc for transportation.

8. Ornaments – Ivory (elephants), pearls (Oysters) and corals which are used in making ornaments are obtained from different animals.

9. Industry – Leather, honey, wax, lac are industrial products obtained from animals.


10. Other uses – Bristles of pigs are used in brushes. Some birds are useful in a way that they eat many insect pests of crops, fruits and grains. Insects and birds help in pollination and dispersal of seeds of plants.

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