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1310 words essay on Man is a social animal

Free sample Essay on Man is a social animal. Thus society is made by man and he is more real than his creation. On the other hand, according to the organic theory, society is an organic.

10 profound ways in which forest is useful to man

The economical uses of forests are as follows: Forest provide many things to meet our food requirements like wild fruits, nuts, berries etc. Many tribes are dependent on gathering of these products in forests.

Controversial Essay on Are Animals Meant for Man?

Controversial Essay on Are Animals Meant for Man?. It is rather the ego of man that he thinks he owns the world. Strange theories have developed since the very beginning of cultural and religious development.

Sample essay Practice Makers A Man Perfects

Nature in its various forms is perfection in itself. Man or any living being is an entity of this nature where life strives hard to attain or fetch its livelihood. Man has his own means to meet the ends of livelihood. Ends are usually defined as goals in materialist and spiritual form.

Long essay on Modern Man And His Leisure

We should value our spare time, take it seriously, and make the most of it. It is imperative to study the impact of leisure on the living patterns of people.

Short essay on man and the environment

Over the past decade or so, more and more attention is being paid all over the world to man’s environment on which human existence depends and the maintenance of which is now increasingly being considered as essential for mankind.

Summary of The Highway Man by Alfred Moyes

The high-way-man was preparing himself for plundering expedition that night. The night was dark and stormy. Violent wind was blowing. There were dark clouds in the sky. The moon was in helpless situation too.

Essay on Judge a man by the way he spends leisure

A man or woman’s free time, when there is nothing specific to do a no duty to perform may be described as his or her leisure. It is genera agreed that leisure enables a person to do what one likes—sleeping, walking about, going for an adventure and being wholly oneself for sometime.

Modern Women is a Competitor of Man and Not His Companion

The social and political rights which a woman enjoys brings her equal to man It is wrong to think that physical weak­ness of hers may be a hurdle because in civilized society the weaker persons are protected, helped and even encouraged in many ways. That is why woman is competing with man in political as […]

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