What are the food derived from Animals ?


1. Milch animals.

These animals provide us milk. For example, cow, buffalo and goat.

2. Meat and egg yielding animals.


These animals provide us meat and egg as food. For example, poultry, sheep, goat, fish and pig.

Animal food is generally very rich in proteins. For example, milk and various milk products such as cheese, curd, butter, etc. are highly nutritious. The food obtained from animals is, however, very expensive as compared with food obtained from plants. That is why the major part of the food of a common man comes from crop sources.

However, domestic animals are important because they not only supply food but also are useful to us in many other ways such as:

1. Bullocks helping agricultural tasks such as ploughing, drawing water from wells etc.


2. Horse, donkeys and mules help in transporting men and material.

The animals such as horse, donkey, bullock and mule which are used for doing work are known as work animals and draught animals.

3. Many animals such as sheep and goats provide us wool and skin (hide). Leather is prepared by treating animal skins. India is the largest exporter of hides and skins.

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