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Short essay on the Wild Animals of India

Free sample essay on the Wild Animals of India for kids, school and college students. Various types of wild animals are found in the forests of India. Since primitive days the wild animals have close relationship with the mankind.

Controversial Essay on Cruelty to Animals to Save Human Beings

Controversial Essay on Cruelty to Animals to Save Human Beings. In the late eighties an Indian was demonstrating the skill of his bear in ‘Festival of India’ in Germany. Members of a humanist group caught hold of the man and he was sent back to India.

Controversial Essay on Are Animals Meant for Man?

Controversial Essay on Are Animals Meant for Man?. It is rather the ego of man that he thinks he owns the world. Strange theories have developed since the very beginning of cultural and religious development.

Diseases transmitted by animals and their control

Animals live very close to men. In some cases humans and animals live under the same roof. Animals are bred for their milk, flesh etc., Also cattle are used for agricultural purposes. In addition, pet animals also are grown in houses.

429 words short essay on Our Pet Animals

From many angles, it is proved that animals are our friends. We establish intimacy with them by “keeping them as our pets. Sometimes they are kept in cages. There are some pet animals who are allowed to stay with us freely. Both, animals and birds can be our pets.

Important steps taken for breeding of animals

Selective breeding of animal, which would possess the desired characters, is essential to meet the ever increasing demand of food products like eggs, milk and meat. This can be done by cross-breeding…

Brief note on Taxonomy in animals

Taxonomy is concerned with describing and naming the many kinds of organisms that: (1) Exist today, those that has been (2) extinct for many, even million of years ago and those (3) that one become extinct.

Brief note on Disposal of Dead Animals after a Disaster

In most natural disasters, particularly in rural areas the number of animal deaths are very high, especially in residential areas, due to the fact that most domesticated animals are kept tied up, and in the event of a disaster while the people flee urgently, the animals left tied up have no chance of voluntary escape.

How to provide Shelter for Animals during and after disaster?

During disaster, the casualty among cattle is particularly high because at the time of disaster, they are left tied to their stakes with no means of voluntary escape. Furthermore, there is nobody to take care of them during and after the disaster.

Write a brief note on migration of birds and animals

Animals travel immense distances across continents in search of new habitats, to feed or for breeding. Their ability to find their way on these incredible journeys has long puzzled scientists.

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