Animals live very close to men. In some cases humans and animals live under the same roof. Animals are bred for their milk, flesh etc., Also cattle are used for agricultural purposes. In addition, pet animals also are grown in houses. These animals transmit a variety of diseases.

Zoonotic diseases

Zoonotic diseases are those which are transmitted by animals. The zoonotic diseases can be classified as:

1. Viral diseases e.g. Rabies (transmitted by dogs)


2. Bacterial diseases : e.g. Tuberculosis and brucellosis

(transmitted by cattle)

3. Fungal diseases e.g. Dermatophytosis

(transmitted by cats and dogs)


4. Protozoa diseases : e.g. amoebiasis

(transmitted by dogs)

5. Rickettsia diseases: e.g. Q fever (transmitted by cattle)

Control of zoonotic diseases


There are no clear measures by which zoonotic diseases can be controlled. However the following are a few empirical methods.

Breeding the animals in clean cages or sheds.

Proper disposal of excreta of animals.

Drinking of milk after thorough boiling. This can avoid diseases like tuberculosis.


Proper cooking of beef and pork can avoid worm infestations

Immunization of dogs against rabies can prevent this infection.