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How to prevent cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases constitute the leading cause of death in most countries. They are responsible for about 50 per cent of total mortality.

Diseases transmitted by animals and their control

Animals live very close to men. In some cases humans and animals live under the same roof. Animals are bred for their milk, flesh etc., Also cattle are used for agricultural purposes. In addition, pet animals also are grown in houses.

Diseases transmitted through rodents and their control

Rodents include rats, bandicoots and mice which live in homes, agricultural fields and forests. Rodents are hazards to health. Also they cause damage to buildings, food stuffs and other materials. Rodents transmit diseases through:

How arthropod-borne diseases are transmitted?

These are insects belonging to the phylum Arthropod (hence called arthropods). They transmit a variety of diseases. These ar­thropods are called vectors i.e. insects which transmit diseases.

Brief notes on the concept of Prevention of Diseases

The goals of medicine are to promote health, to preserve health, to restore health when it is impaired and to minimise suffer­ing and distress Prevention of a disease includes all these three goals.

Short Essay on Communicable Diseases for medical students

Communicable diseases are those which are cause by minute micro-organisms or bacteria which can conveyed from a diseased to a healthy person. From early, these diseases were known either as infectiously when they were transmitted through the air or contagious when spread from person to person by direct contact.

What are the diseases caused by house fly?

House flies are the commonest and most familiar of all insects which live close to man. In India, they occur in abundance all the year round. The majority of house frequenting flies in India are non- biting.

What are the common forms of diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria?

The rod shaped bacterium bacillus anthracis cause the disease anthrax. Animal obtain the disease from spores and infected carcasses. In sheep and cattle, the bacterium causes acute fatal septicemia. The disease can pass on to human beings by contact with infected animals, their discharges, contaminated animal products or spores. Man to man, infection is rare.

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