The Heuristic Method in science education is based exclusively on laboratory work, the lecture room being abolished. Lecture method tries to do away with laboratory work. But in demonstration method, both lecture room and laboratory works are taken into account. The lecture room is a place for teaching and the demonstration table is teacher’s laboratory table.

The one who performs experiments to illustrate, confirm or verify facts and principles is called the demonstrator. The assembled students in the lecture room listen see and observe and make notes. The teacher works experiments himself with the help of students as they are beyond the capacity of students. The lessons mainly consist of questions, direct and leading questions and their answers. The teachers work experiments to present new facts.

In this method of teaching, the pupils do not use their hands; but the teacher only reinforces this learning by use of the ears and the eyes.

The spoken words are simultaneously joined with a series of actions on the part of the teacher. The Lecture demonstration method with its way of doing and means of arriving at an end is of great value. This method is very good, but often is abused.


In this method the practice and theory go hand in hand. The oral discussion method used in the laboratory demonstration is undoubtedly of the greatest importance. Some teachers prefer that oral discussion on the topic, should be done first and the laboratory exercise should succeed on the same topic.

In the laboratory demonstration, this idea is to let the pupils examine this subject first by his own efforts. But while the pupil still ignorant of the handling of apparatus, this kind of phenomenon must involve slow progress and much supervision. But when some experience has been gained in a class, it becomes undoubtedly more instructive as well as more interesting.

The teacher in demonstration method should be very careful in presentation of the topic. He must also be very clear and specific in the expression of talking the individual differences of the class into consideration.