The Merits and Demerits of Demonstration Method of Teaching Science are as follows:

Merits of Demonstration Method

By making use of this method, one can get different merits, mention of which are as follows:

a. Through this method, teacher gets the help in guiding and directing the learning in desired direction.


b. With the help of this method, teachers can demonstrate those activities in front of students to which they cannot perform. Thus, students can get information of complex or dangerous activities through this method.

c. This method plays an important role in getting the student’s involved in learning process. Under the supervision of teacher, students are required to note down the matter or information written on black board. Thus, they feel a sense of belonging, which encourage them to play an active role in learning process.

d. As one experiment can be demonstrated to a large number of students, thus teacher find it time saving to make use of this method.

e. As students get opportunities to ask various kinds of questions from the teachers on basis of their observation, thus, this method promote relevant and useful discussion in the class.


f. Through this method, various scientific facts and concepts can be best illustrated in front of large number of students.

Demerits of Demonstration Method

This method has certain kinds of demerits also, some of which are as follows:

a. It is not possible to impart information of all the topics included in the syllabus through this method.


b. Generally numbers of students in the classroom are found to be large as a result of which majority of them fail to get advantages from experiments conducted under this method.

c. As number of student is generally found to be very large in the classrooms, thus, all the students do not get opportunity to play an active role in learning process and a large number of them cannot even touch the apparatus, which are used by the teacher.

d. Generally it is found that pace at which experiments are conducted by the teachers in the classrooms are very high as a result of which large number of students fail to understand the information provided by them. It will be unjustful to blame the teacher for conducting experiments on such a fast pace, as they also have limited period of time for this purpose.