1. This method of teaching serves as model laboratory instruction.

2. Experiment shown as demonstration points out this matter of observation and indicates this inference.

3. It makes the pupils familiar with the nature and use of apparatus.


4. Experiments requiring special skill will merely be shown by the teacher. In this method no time is wasted.

5. Teacher’s time is properly utilized in watching the students doing experiments.

6. While doing practical, there remains no necessity for explaining except educating precautions.

7. This method proves more useful if the pupils are told beforehand that they are going to do practical in the laboratory.



1. There is danger of students being dishonest when teacher has to play the main role in the discussion and demonstration of the topic.

2. Teachers may be tempted to lecture rather than to teach.

3. Teachers do not try for more experiments than those given in the text book prescribed.


4. Oral discussion may not be encouraged, since it will go to restrict the demonstration experiment.

5. Practical as required may not go hand in hand with demonstration work.