The main features of demonstration and discussion method are as follows:

(i) The demonstration and discussion method is not a single method. It is combination of two methods, more clearly a resultant method resulting from the combination of discussion method as well as demonstration method.

(ii) This method involves the active participation of teachers and students at the same time, which is unlikely in other methods. Say in lecture method, the teacher is active, in laboratory work and in Heuristic method; students are active and so on.

(iii) Demonstration and discussion method of teaching science encourages maximum amount of participation among students than other methods.


(iv) Demonstration and discussion method through group participation develops keen observation power and scientific reasoning in students, which is not possible either in lecture method or in Heuristic method.

(v) Demonstration and discussion method is the only method in which the interest and zeal of students is maintained.

(vi) Demonstration and discussion method develops skill in scientific thinking. These are some of the main features of demonstration and discussion method.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Method are discussed Below:



(1) This method is economic from the point of view of money and time.

(2) The method obeys the rule of “learning by doing”, what the students do or see they learn. So this method is very much psychological.

(3) It is useful when the apparatus required for practical work is costly. There the teacher can improvise the apparatus and demonstrate it.


(4) If the teacher wants to revise some of the principles of science subject, he can do it by demonstration and discussion method.

(5) Through this method free discipline is maintained.

(6) This method develops skill in handling apparatus, freethinking and co-operative spirit among students.



(1) If demonstration and discussion method is not properly used, then all students do not get a chance to take part either in discussion or in experimentation. Thus, the principle of ‘Learning by doing’ is not abided by this method.

(2) The students do not get direct experiencing of doing experiment. So their skill in apparatus handling is not properly developed.

(3) If the teacher does not take care, students become indiscipline through this method.