Maximum control and optimum use of office work of clerical force can be attained if the office is properly situated and built. The selection of a suitable site for the business office is not an easy task and therefore utmost care will be exercised for taking a decision on the location of the office. There is no ideal location suitable for all enterprises. Each business has its own peculiarities to select the proper location of the office building, while selecting the location of the office the nature of the business and the choice of the location are to be viewed seriously. If all the functions are centralized, office building will be centrally located so that it can cater to the needs of all the departments. The second important consideration is the choice of the location, whether the office will be located in a urban or semi-urban location.

The following guiding principles are to be kept in mind while selecting an office accommodation.

1. The available floor space must be sufficient for the existing office staff. Provision for expansion will be made vertically or horizontally to cater the needs of future expansion.

2. The office should be properly ventilated so that each clerk working in the office must get proper light.


3. Office should be located at a central place so that all the functions or the departments can have an easy access.

4. While selecting office accommodation care must be exercised to provide comfort and amenities to the office staff. This can be achieved by having necessary provision for canteen, place for water-cooler, clock-room and wash room.

5. While planning for accommodation, the departments who work together should be contiguous. For instance buying department should be adjacent to the stores and the sales department should be adjacent to the godown.

6. Another factor for selecting accommodation is whether office require a large room or small private rooms. In a small organization a large room is preferred for the general office. Whereas in a big business house there may be small rooms for private offices and a large room for general office.


7. The appearance of the building should be attractive.

8. For increasing the efficiency of the employees the facilities for telephone, lifts, and internal communications will be made.