Office manager aims at getting the work done in the office at the lowest possible cost through proper selection and training of staff. Office staff works efficiently if they are properly accommodated. Employees have to spend long hours in the office.

Bad and insufficient accommodation can cause boredom, monotony and frustration among them which will affect their efficiency adversely. Suitable accommodation, modern equipment and proper working conditions are important factors in improving efficiency and reducing costs.

A scientific arrangement of office will naturally fetch maximum efficiency at a minimum cost on all occasions. The management of the concern or the in-charge of the office of the firm aims at getting maximum benefit by a proper arrangement of office at minimum expenses.

The efficiency of the modern and up-to-date office will depend upon many factors-location, layout, light, ventilation, office equipments, undisturbed atmosphere, etc. apart from the persons working in. The best result can be had by recruiting an efficient personnel and proper selection of machines and equipments.


The office people can work well when there is a good and pleasing atmosphere in the office, because the clerks who are engaged in the office, use their mind and brain in the work. Concentration of their mind is an essential point. Therefore, the important factor of office management is to provide proper and adequate office facilities to the staff so as to get maximum result.

The office manager has to play the major role in determining the arrangement of office. The following points are to be considered:

1. The site or location of office building,

2. Size and shape of office,


3. Layout of office,

4. Open office or private office,

5. Convenience to staff and visitors,

6. Physical conditions of office,


7. Ventilation and air-condition,

8. Light,

9. Sanitation,

10. Noise,


11. Health,

12. Safety.