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543 words short essay on Accommodation

Free sample essay on Accommodation. Adjustment is a way of life. We feel its presence in social life. Generally adjustment takes place in two ways adaptation and accommodation. Adaptation refers to biological adjustment.

8 most important characteristics of Accommodation

The following characteristics of accommodation can be pointed out: 1) Accommodation is the end result of conflict. 2) It may be a conscious or an unconscious activity or process. 3) It is a universal activity.

What do you mean by the term ‘Accommodation’ ?

After conflict comes to an end, the conflicting parties reach an agreement and understanding which gives rise to a social process called “Accommodation”. It is essentially a process of temporary adjustment.

What is Accommodation Bills and what are the rules for it?

(Exception I to section 43) Many bills are drawn and accepted without any consideration; the various parties sign the bills for the purpose of lending their names to oblige their friends. Such bills are called accommodation bills…

What are the factors you must considered while selecting office accommodation ?

Maximum control and optimum use of office work of clerical force can be attained if the office is properly situated and built. The selection of a suitable site for the business office is not an easy task and therefore utmost care will be exercised for taking a decision on the location of the office.

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