A committee is a group of persons taken, elected or selected from the entire organisation to do some assigned work collectively. There are various types of committees divided on the basis of time, function, character and structure.

On the basis of time, there are two types of committees like permanent committee and temporary committee. A permanent body formed for a specific purpose is called a permanent committee or standing committee. The committee formed for a special purpose is called a temporary or adhoc committee.

On the basis of functions, there are two types of committees called managerial committee and non-managerial committee. The former denotes the formation of a committee which undertakes managerial functions like finance committee and purchase, committee. The later denotes a committee, which does not take managerial functions.

On the basis of structure, there are two types of committees like formal committee and in-formal committee. The committees established as part of organisation structure are called formal committees and the committee, which does not form a part of organization structure, is called informal committee.


On the basis of character, there are two types of committees like line committee and staff committee. Line committee is a committee, which is vested with the power to decide and execute the decision. Staff committee is an advisory committee meant to render advices in different fields.