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What are the various factors that determine supply?

What are the various factors that determine supply? A supply schedule and supply curve show that the supply of a product is function of its price. However, the supply depends not only on the price of a product but on several factors.

What are the various types of costs of production?

Costs of production are the most important force governing the supply of a product. A firm chooses a combination of factors which minimizes its cost of production for a given level of output.

Brief notes on various sources of protein

Plants are the primary source of protein because they can synthesize protein by combining nitrogen and water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air. Animals depend on plants to fulfill their protein requirement.

What are the Various Types of Decorative Arts?

Creativity in arts and craft can be seen in abundance all over our country. Whether it is a building or its decoration by way of ornamental carving, inlay work, stucco work or creation of sculptures in stone, metal, wood or terracotta.

What are the various steps involved in handling incoming mail in an office ?

Office correspondence means communication in writing on subject of mutual interest either within the organization or outside the organization and it takes the form of a letter, a circular, and a notice. The written communication sent through the post office or the messenger is called, “dak” or mail.

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