What are some of the traditional methods of filing used in small offices?


The traditional methods of filing used in small offices are:

(a) Guard Book—In this book letters and documents are held together by a metal holder or these are pasted in the bound book in chronological order.

(b) Wire file—A wire is fixed to a small wooden stand which is placed on the desk or table. When letters are received these are threaded into the metal spike.


(c) Pigeon-hole — it consists of a cabinet having 24 compartments resembling pigeon-holes. Each compartment stands for one letter of English alphabet but for the letters x, y and z one compartment is allotted. This is otherwise called as docketing. It means writing on the top of each letter the name of the correspondent, his town of residence, date of letter and a brief note on the subject.

(d) Box file—Here card board boxes are used for temporary storage of letters. To hold papers the boxes are fitted with spring clips.

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