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What are the advantages of centralised filing?

Centralised filing denotes a system of filing where files relating to different departments are preserved at a central place of the organisation. The location of filing equipment and personnel in a single section is called centralised filing.

Does filing means the same thing as record keeping?

The arranging and storing of records in a systematic manner is called filing. Record keeping in an office denotes maintenance of books of accounts, maintenance of statistical books and filing and indexing of documents.

What are the various functions of filing system?

Filing means the systematic way of keeping records for future reference. Filing has four major functions like library function, administrative function, information functions and historical functions.

What are the need and importance of filing?

Filing is an important function of modern office because of the following reasons: (a) Filing is helpful to protect records from dust and dampness. (b) It is very helpful in settlement of disputes because it provides factual information.

In which office geographical filing is useful ?

Under geographical filing, the classification is done on the basis of geographical origin of a document. Here classification of records is done on the basis of area-wise, state-wise and country-wise. In geographical filing, the following steps are maintained:

What are the advantages of horizontal filing in Office ?

In horizontal Cling, documents are placed in a horizontal position, one on the top of another in order of date and the latest document is kept on the top. The best example of horizontal filing is flat files and arch lever file. Horizontal filing has the following advantages:

What is a filing cabinet?

A filing cabinet is a container made of wood or steel. There are a number of drawers in the cabinet where the folders are kept. The size of the drawers depends on the volume of papers to be preserved.

What are the four essentials of good filing system?

The word filing means keeping the records in files. The method of sorting, arranging and storing records to ensure quick location for reference is called filing. Filing is regarded as the keystone of business organisation because files are the memory house of information for the business.

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