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What are the methods used for acid fast staining?

It is done by Zeal Nelson’s method. It is based on the fact that after staining with aniline dyes, tubercle bacilli resist discolor- station with acids. It consists of 3 steps.

What are the various methods used for the measurement of human memory?

Memory is an internal and unobservable process. At times we feel that we don’t remember all that we had learnt earlier. In such a situation, we come face to face with the imperfect nature of our own memories- our cognitive system for learning, storing, and retrieving information and throwing a challenge for its assessment.

Why is diamond used for cutting of tools?

Each carbon atom in diamond lies at the centre of regular tetrahedron. There is no free electron. This tightly bonded arrangement gives a rigid three…

Complete information on the meaning and importance of case study method of Psychology

It is one of the qualitative research methods used mostly by the clinical psychologists. It is an in-depth look at the individual in the context of his environment. Sometimes much can be learned from studying just one individual and his unique experiences and behaviors for helping him improve some aspects of his behavior.

How the solar energy received by the earth is used?

Solar energy received by the earth is distributed over a large area near the poles than at the equator. Thus, the amount of energy received per unit area is more at the equator, which is consequently much warmer than the poles.

What are the ways used for purifying metals ?

Refining of metals means purification of metals. Depending upon the nature of the metal and the nature of the impurities, present different methods are applied for the refining of metals. Some of the commonly used methods are discussed below:

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