Approach stage is followed after pre-approach. In this stage the salesman makes actual approach with the prospect. Approaching the prospect consists of two stages like securing an interview and the actual interview. There are different methods of securing interview. These are:

(i) Letter of introduction

The salesman can secure interview with the help of letter of introduction given to him by the known persons of the prospect. After obtaining letter of introduction, he secures interview with the person to whom the letter is addressed.

(ii) Personal letter


The salesman can send personal letter directly to the prospect stating the reason for which he seeks interview. When the prospect is not interested in meeting the prospect, he may send refusal letter or letter of regret.

(iii) Telephone

The salesman secures interview with the prospects through telephone call. In this case the salesman may contact the private secretary or telephone operator over telephone regarding the interview with the prospect.

(iv) Request for registering name


This is a new method of securing interview. Now-a –days the representatives of the procedures send to prospect literature on goods. By sending literature of goods he registers the name of likely prospects.

(v) Contacting to private secretary

This is a kind of approach where the salesman meets the private secretary of the executives personally. By this he is a better position to learn the suitable time of meeting the company’s executives. The second stage of approach consists of actual interview. Thus stage is more important because the salesman has the opportunities of face to face meeting with the prospect. While meeting the prospects should be saluted ordinarily and hand shaking should not be attempted because it takes considerably long time and as such it becomes a waste. After introducing himself samples with him. He will explain the purpose of visit and after that he goes on sales talk.