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4 Ashrams or Life Stages of Ancient India

Ashrams are an outstanding feature of the social organization in ancient India. This system particularly developed during the later Vedic period.

What are the Three Stages of Resource Planning?

Resource planning is a technique or skill of proper utilisation of resources. As the resources are limited and unevenly distributed over the country their planning is essential. Resource planning comprises three stages:

5 essential stages of approach in salesmanship

Approach stage is followed after pre-approach. In this stage the salesman makes actual approach with the prospect. Approaching the prospect consists of two stages like securing an interview and the actual interview. There are different methods of securing interview. These are:

What are the important stages of socialization?

Socialization is a gradual process of learning. The newborn child is not taught all the things about social life at once. It proceeds from simplicity to complexity. During the early stages of life (infancy and childhood) socialization takes place within the ‘simple’ limited social world.

What is Auguste Comte’s ‘Law of Three Stages’?

According to Comte, each branch of our knowledge passes successively through the different theoretical conditions. It is known as law of three stages. The main aim of this principle is that it provides the basis of sociological thinking.

What are the different stages of meiosis ?

It is the reductional cell division in which the chromosomes duplicate once but the cell divides twice. Hence, the result of meiosis is four haploid cells, which become the male or female gametes in case of animals and microspores (pollen) and megaspores in case of plants.

What are the two important stages of Meiosis ?

Before the initiation of meiosis, there is an inter-phase stage just like mitosis in which chromosomes are duplicated. Meiotic division undergoes two successive nuclear divisions, so that four daughter cells are formed as a result of a complete division.

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